Elgin Equine Assisted Therapy is committed to providing a warm, welcoming, safe and supportive environment for your child to engage in CAMP U- CAN.
At our 5 day camp, your child will interact with other group members, staff and horses to build confidence, self- esteem, and positive relationships. We will facilitate this through fun recreational activities as well as equine therapy which will focus on managing emotions as well as caring for self and others.
Our sessions are supervised by an Equine Specialist who monitors horse behaviour and safety as well as a registered Social Worker. We also have camp staff inclusive of students and graduates with children’s mental health education and/ or horse knowledge. Campers will work with horses on the ground as well as ride.
Tips for comfort and success...
 Talk to your child in advance of what your hopes are for them at camp
 Feel free to call us or have your child call us about any questions they may have in advance of camp
 Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. NO SANDALS ALLOWED. It will be helpful to always bring a sweater or pants as the barn tends to be windier than in town. To ride, campers will want to wear pants.
 Bring your own lunch and snacks. A refrigerator is available.
 If medication is required during the day, please send with your child daily and give directly to a camp staff member
 Please complete the following camper registration form and Acknowledgement of Risk Form and them return prior to camp. Campers will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Only 12 camper spots per week.